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A New Air Filter Can Save You Money

Heating and cooling account for about 50 percent of your home’s energy costs. If you’re looking for ways to increase system efficiency, one surefire way is to regularly change your furnace and A/C filters.

Essentially, a new air filter can save you money and here’s why:

  • A dirty air filter makes your system work harder to keep you comfortable.
  • A clean filter reduces your energy costs and prevents undue wear on your system.
  • A clean air filter keeps dust from entering your system. An accumulation of grime on your system’s components can lead to inefficiency and premature failure.
  • A dirty air filter causes your system to use more energy to compensate for reduced airflow.  This increases your carbon footprint.
  • A clean filter improves your indoor air quality.

Check your air filter every month, and when it’s clogged replace it with a clean, quality filter. To choose the right filter for your needs, use the minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, scale.  The MERV scale which rates a filter on its ability to trap a certain size and number of particles. The higher MERV values mean a better filter.


If you have any questions about what type of filter you should look for or, better yet, you’d like one of our friendly technicians to service your equipment contact us today and be sure to ask about our Cool Club Membership!

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