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Looking for more information? Our blog provides a wealth of information about the following topics:

  • HVAC maintenance
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  • Best practices to get your system running
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How much of an impact can you have on HVAC service in your home or office? Truth be told, quite a bit. But besides knowing when your heating and air conditioning is out of whack, it’s not a bad idea to understand a bit about how your HVAC system works.

Our Blog

What better way to do this than by checking out the Petrocelli Services blog! Whether you’re on our website because you need a tech or because you’re interested in HVAC system upgrades, you’re only a click away from getting some pretty useful info about residential and commercial heating and cooling.

We have archives going back over five years, with posts covering all manner of topics including air quality, energy efficiency, HVAC service, portable air conditioning, and ventilation. It’s part of our mission to keep our customers as informed as possible.

Petrocelli Services has dedicated itself to providing quality HVAC service to commercial and residential customers since 1990. This includes educating our customers about what we do and how they can play an active role in the process. So, check out our blog and learn a thing or two. Remember — the health and well-being of your HVAC system starts with you, and Petrocelli Services wants to help a little along the way.

Three Most Common Ductless Mini Split Applications

Ductless mini split applications are becoming more and more popular. Initially it seemed that countries in Europe, South America and Asia were quick to adopt the system in apartment blocks, but today, it is catching…

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Four Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Smells

You want your AC unit to spread fresh, cool air throughout your home, so it can be disturbing when that changes, and a different smell appears. There can be a number of reasons why your…

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How Air Conditioning Can Help You Sleep Better – Here Are The Eye-Opening Facts!

We all know how important sleep is, but we probably don’t know all the facts. If we sleep well, we wake feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. However, if we sleep badly,…

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Be Smart When You Invest In Air Conditioning

When thoughts turn to the installation or replacement of an HVAC unit, it is hard not to think of cost at the same time. However, the words ‘invest in’ are appropriate when it comes to…

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Blocked Condensation Drains – What You Need To Know

While most of us know that we need an external water drain for our AC unit, we may not know exactly why an air conditioning unit seems to collect water in the first place. To…

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What’s So Special About Air Conditioning Refrigerant And How Can You Spot A Leak?

Air conditioning works both by cooling the air circulating through your home, and also removing the moisture in the air. To do this, the coils in your air con unit need to be very cold,…

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Inverter Air Conditioning, Is This The Way Forward?

To get an idea of how good new inverter air conditioning units are, it may help to understand how more traditional non-inverter air conditioning systems work. With the coil cooling system, the unit’s compressor compresses…

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