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Three Most Common Ductless Mini Split Applications

Ductless mini split applications are becoming more and more popular. Initially it seemed that countries in Europe, South America and Asia were quick to adopt the system in apartment blocks, but today, it is catching on in the States as well. However, as with any breaking of new ground, mistakes can be made, and here at Petrocelli Services we are keen to help you avoid costly errors.

It can be oh-so-tempting to just add some additional ducting to an existing AC unit when you decide to add a room to your home. However, as most AC units are fitted based on existing and not future square footage, all you can end up doing is over exerting your AC unit, and the whole house loses out. If you want to add a ‘granny flat’ art studio, man cave, office or extra bedroom, then consider a mini split for the additional air conditioning. This works well as if this is an ‘occasional’ room, you don’t need the AC covering it all the time and wasting energy as well as money.

Of course, there are also situations where it is just not possible, or practical, to extend your AC ducting. The likelihood is that if there is no crawl space access, then ducting is out. This is the perfect situation to consider using a mini split air conditioning application.

With the first installation, or replacement of the whole of an existing AC system a ductless mini split system should be given serious consideration. To be able to control the AC in individual rooms can make a tremendous difference to the running costs, and can save you a great deal of money in the long term.

If you are considering an extension to your home, or replacing an old air conditioning system, give us a call first at Petrocelli Services and we’ll be happy to run through all your options with regard to traditional or  mini split air conditioning systems.

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