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Four Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Smells

You want your AC unit to spread fresh, cool air throughout your home, so it can be disturbing when that changes, and a different smell appears. There can be a number of reasons why your air conditioning unit smells, some easy to resolve, some requiring more-technical help.

First off, if this is the first time you have fired up you’re a unit since the winter, it may simply be the accumulation of dust over the months which has caused the problem. It is usual to get your AC unit serviced at least once a year, but if you haven’t had it checked recently, this may be a subtle hint that you should call someone out, like us here at Petrocelli Services.

Second, if there is a sudden and unexpected smell of smoke after your unit has been running for a few weeks, this may be something more serious. Chances are this is a mechanical or electrical issue, and you should immediately switch off your unit before any further harm is done, then call out a qualified engineer.

Third, if you have a smoker in your home, it could just be that the AC unit is spreading the smell of smoke and tobacco throughout your home.

Last of all, does your AC unit smell damp when in operation? The smell might remind you of mildew or mold, which is probably exactly what it is. As mold can be spread through spores, your AC unit will be doing your home, and your health, more harm than good. There’s a fair chance you may have damaged or blocked drainage tubes or ducts, so once again, it’s time to get a trained technician to check things over.

Of course, a regular annual maintenance check will help avoid most of these problems with unwanted odors, so get in touch with us here at Petrocelli Services and schedule your next maintenance check with us.

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