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Ventilation and Your HVAC System

Whether you’re talking about your home or office, making sure your HVAC system is running well should be a big priority. Unfortunately, the only times we invest time into them is when they aren’t operating as they should. Aside from keeping you cool or warm, a properly maintained HVAC system should also efficiently ventilate a space.

The movement of air in & out of your home or work space is vital to heating & cooling operations, as well as keeping you in good health. In the same way your body needs to breathe without difficulty, so, too, does your HVAC system need ventilation to be efficient & well-maintained.

The High Cost of Poor Ventilation

Even the best HVAC system can be undone by bad ventilation. Heating & cooling systems have to work in spite of, rather than with, a space, causing unnecessary wear & tear. If you’ve got pets, it’ll be tougher to get those odors out of your home. Don’t forget that moisture can fester in a poorly ventilated area, which can cause mold to form. Start adding up the cost to address these issues, and you’ll realize why regular ventilation maintenance is worth the investment.

Call The Experts

Petrocelli Services has offered full HVAC services since 1990, and that means all aspects of your HVAC system. We treat customers like friends & neighbors. This means providing amazing customer service & state-of-the-art products, as well as employing the most knowledgeable technicians who’ll work to make sure you’re fully satisfied.

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