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The premier heating contractor in Central Texas, Petrocelli Services offers a wide range of heating repair options as well as cooling solutions.

Services offered:

  • Heating repair services
  • HVAC repair and replacement options
  • Servicing all makes and models

When the temps start to take a nosedive, heaters start getting cranked. Texans tend to be more attentive to cooling rather than heating with your average heater being fired up for the first time since the last cold spell.

The issue? Well, it’s more a question about whether your heat will actually come on. If not, it’s time to call in a heating contractor. What’s more, as your teeth chatter even harder, you’re likely just to call the first one available rather than the RIGHT one.

The Dangers of A Poorly Maintained Heater

Aside from your heater not working when you’re cold, there are other major consequences that come with poor heater maintenance. Carbon monoxide poisoning is right at the top. Your heater can also become a dangerous fire hazard. And while it may not be as scary on the surface, poor air quality can be debilitating to the inhabitants of your home.

Many HVAC service providers tend to address heating & cooling systems as one and the same. This leads to working with a heating contractor without the right tools or know-how to properly get your heater up & running again.

Why The Right Heating Contractor Matters

Petrocelli Services specializes in both heater repair and installation. Our techs also advise homeowners about their current system’s efficiency & whether replacing a heating system might be the better choice.

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