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If you need to replace your furnace in Central Texas, Petrocelli Services provides reliable, cost effective solutions for your home or business.

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New Heating and Your Home

No matter if you’re considering boiler or furnace replacement in your home, you’ve got a lot to think about. Is a full replacement necessary? Can you just put some money toward heating repair service to get you squared away? Every homeowner will wrestle with these and other questions before moving forward. Complicating matters further is the number of heating systems to choose from. Knowing which system will make the most sense in your home isn’t easy and will require professional help.

Heat Load vs Heating Capacity

When you’re looking at heater replacement service, it’s important to make sure the company you choose has the knowledge to help you find the right system. This starts with understanding heat load and heat capacity as it pertains to your home. Heat load refers to the amount of heating you want, whereas heat capacity is the amount of heat you’re actually getting.

Making sure you have this balance is crucial for optimized heating in your home. That’s also why hiring the right heater replacement company is a big deal.

Choosing Petrocelli Services

Furnace replacement or repair, you want the most efficient and best performing heating for your home. This means you need a full-service HVAC company like Petrocelli Services. We’ve provided the guidance customers have needed for over three decades, outshining other companies. We carry a wide variety of products to choose from & pride ourselves on unrivaled customer service. In short, we make sure our customers are taken care of from start to finish.

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