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As one of the premier heating companies in Austin, Petrocelli Services offers a preventative maintenance program that will keep your equipment operating at peak performance.

Services include:

  • Checking fuel combustion efficiency
  • Inspecting ignition system
  • Checking for leaks
  • and much more

The Heat Is On…Hopefully

Heating and Texas don’t seem like they go together. Nonetheless, the Lone Star State gets its fair share of cold temperatures every year. Heating companies do their best to get the word out about keeping tabs on your home’s heating system, but the message tends to fall on deaf ears. Why? As little as the heat is used, most folks figure their system is just fine.

‘It worked last time I turned it on, so it should still be OK.’

That’s not the way things work. In fact, leaving any part of your HVAC system dormant, unattended, and unmaintained may actually be asking for bigger trouble than you’d expect.

Maintaining Your Heater

Making sure your heat comes on when you want it to means having to do basic upkeep throughout the year. This includes changing filters regularly. Also, keep your vents open and clear. It may seem counterintuitive to keep a vent open in a room with little traffic. However, remember that your heater works as a system, and if one part of the system is impeded, the rest of it has to work that much harder.

Calling In the Pros

One thing we do here at Petrocelli Services is take maintenance even further than most heating companies. Our Preventative Maintenance package includes all manner of services including, but not limited to, checking fuel combustion efficiency, inspecting ignition system, checking for carbon monoxide leaks, checking for refrigerant leaks and checking for air leaks in the duct system.

Keeping your family safe, warm & comfortable is our main goal here at Petrocelli Services.

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