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Petrocelli Services is the premier HVAC service provider in Central Texas, offering ventilation, AC and heating replacement services and repair.

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Ventilation and Your HVAC Needs

When we think about the heating and cooling in our homes or offices, we tend to only think about the temperature. Not enough attention is given to the effectiveness of a space’s ventilation. Without the well-structured movement of air in and out of a particular space, even the most state-of-the-art HVAC system will perform poorly. As it turns out, your HVAC system impacts more than just your comfort.

More Than Just Fresh Air

If you happen to be considering AC or heating replacement, you’ll want to make sure good ventilation is a top priority. Optimal comfort and air quality is a sound goal for any HVAC system. Poor ventilation can lead to contaminants & odors being trapped inside, making the air intolerable or even dangerous. Trapped moisture can also become a huge problem as it can promote the growth of mold (in and of itself a very dangerous issue) and the deterioration of indoor surfaces.

Knowledge and Experience Matter

In order to make sure your cooling and heating replacement has a chance for maximum benefits, it needs to be installed by a company who understands that ventilation needs to be paired with the right HVAC system. Since 1990, Petrocelli Services has always made sure that our customers have all the information they need when moving forward with HVAC services. Whether it’s a simple repair or major replacement work, having an educated customer means everything to us.

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