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Is Your Home Insulation Good Enough?

An efficient HVAC system may be the primary step towards air conditioned comfort in your home, but it also needs to be supplemented by effective home insulation. Our experts here at Petrocelli Services bring you this quick guide to home insulation, and to ensuring that it’s adequate for your requirements.

Why insulate?

Besides its obvious function of minimizing heat transfer between your home and the outdoors, effective home insulation also boosts the energy-efficiency of your HVAC system. This can significantly lower your energy bills, and improve the lifespan of your HVAC system. The amount (and often the type) of home insulation you need depends on the climatic conditions in your location, as well as the size of your building.

Types of home insulation:

Cellulose, fiberglass and polyurethane (PU) foam are among the most popular home insulation materials on the market today. Cellulose, the cheapest of the three, is applied as a 6”-8” layer above your attic beams. Fiberglass insulation is similar, though being fluffier than cellulose, it forms a layer about 8”-10” thick. Both cellulose and fiberglass perform satisfactorily in most climates, though they begin to lose their R-value as outside temperatures approach 0°F. PU foam retains its R-value through extreme temperatures, thus providing more consistent insulation. However, it tends to be much costlier than cellulose or fiberglass.

Home insulation check-ups:

Insulation deteriorates with time. Visible attic beams are a tell-tale sign of weathered insulation. However, not all insulation failures are immediately visible. They are located via professional energy audits, conducted using infrared cameras or by physically drilling underneath your building’s siding at various points.

Concerned about the condition of your home’s insulation? Here at Petrocelli Services, we’ll be happy to assist you with a professional insulation check-up. We also offer perform HVAC inspection, maintenance and repair. Call us with your queries or requirements.

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