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AC Blowing Warm Air? Here’s What You Need To Know.

When your air conditioner blows warm air in the peak of summer, something is obviously wrong. If you’re in luck, the problem could be fairly minor, so much so that you can actually fix it yourself. Warm air blowing from your AC could also point to a serious issue, which can be addressed via professional AC repair. In either case, there’s no reason to panic. Instead, check out these helpful tips from our air conditioning experts here at Petrocelli Services. The not-so-serious ramifications of your AC blowing warm air:

Before you rush and call in a professional, check your thermostat settings. Yes, we know how simplistic this sounds, but we’ve found incorrect thermostat temperatures to be the source of the problem way too often to skip this step. Make sure your thermostat temperature is at least 5 degrees lower than your current room temperature, and that the ‘fan-only’ isn’t activated. While you’re at it, also check for tripped circuit breakers. This is because the indoor and outdoor units in mini-split ACs often run on different circuits. As such, it’s possible that your indoor unit is up and running, while your compressor is waiting for you to flip a breaker switch.

Possible issues that need a professional’s attention:

If none of the above measures get you anywhere, your air conditioner could be down with a more serious problem. It might have a refrigerant leak, or ducting damage that might be causing ‘unconditioned’ air to be pulled into the air delivery system. A professional AC technician can repair these leaks, recharge the refrigerant, and inspect and reseal your air ducts.

Is your malfunctioning air conditioner sapping the fun out of summer? Call us here at Petrocelli Services to schedule a home AC inspection, and have your air conditioning system professionally serviced and repaired by our experts.

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