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Air Conditioner Maintenance – Should I Clean the Evaporator Coils?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. Now if you know a little bit about refrigeration, you will know that it is vital you keep the evaporator coils clean at all times, so why are we telling you not to clean them? Because unless you know exactly what to do, what may seem like a straightforward task could turn out to be very costly. There is a very good reason why all air conditioning maintenance should be carried out by a trained professional.

Here at Petrocelli Services we have lost count of the number of instances where we have heard of people trying to hone their DIY skills on their A/C unit and who forget the first rule – disconnect the power! Sure, your coils have to be kept clean, but not at the cost of your health or breaking other parts of the A/C unit in the process. In addition, your A/C unit may not be in the easiest place to access in order to carry out effective maintenance.

So how do you know when your evaporator coils need cleaning? The three most common signs are:

  • Reduced performance and a less effective result than usual
  • An increase in your energy consumption
  • A compressor that seems to be working overtime

Of course the easiest way to ensure your air conditioning runs efficiently and your evaporator coils remain dirt free is to schedule regular maintenance. Why not give us a call here at (512) 836-1414 and we’ll explain why regular maintenance needn’t be a costly option and how it could save you money in the long-run.

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