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Decisions, Decisions. Minisplits, Multisplits, Or VRF

There are perhaps more decisions to make than you may have at first imagined when it comes to choosing the most appropriate air conditioning system, either for your home or office. While the cost of the unit will be critical as far as your immediate budget is concerned, long-term running costs, invariable based on energy efficiency, will also be important. As a consequence, you have to perform a bit of a balancing act to achieve the optimum long-term financial goal.

Ductless mini splits work well either for an extension or an apartment where there is no access to install ducting. They are energy efficient, easier to install than a fully ducted HVAC system, and tend to be used on an ‘as and when needed’ basis. With no ducting, there are no associated problems with air leaks or unnecessary heat exchange. Of even greater benefit, these units can be pre-programmed to ensure they are operating when you come home from work, but inoperative while you are away from home.

Ductless multisplits work on as similar principle to the minisplit HVAC unit, but comprise one outdoor unit which is usually connected to between two and eight indoor units. One major advantage is the relatively small size of the outdoor unit, while energy efficiency and thus energy saving is another attractive feature.

If you haven’t heard of VRF before, it stands for Variable Refrigeration Flow, but is a significantly technologically advanced system which is not dissimilar to the multisplit system, but which can support up to 48 indoor units. However, with VRF technology, it is possible to heat one room and cool another. Needless to say, the VRF air conditioning system is more commonly found in office blocks and multi-family housing.

To discuss which air conditioning system will be best for you, make sure you give us a call here at Petrocelli Services and we will be delighted to come and see you, carry out an air conditioning survey of your home, and make some suggestions based on many years of experience, all at no cost.

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