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How To Handle A Heating System Emergency

Prevention is always better than cure, but the best of us have to deal with the odd emergency every once in a while. At Petrocelli Services, we offer seasonal heating system maintenance packages to lower the chances of an emergency, but should you be faced with one, a little prior information would certainly come in handy. Here’s what you should know:

What qualifies as a heating system emergency?

Heating system emergencies can include fire, natural gas leaks, or carbon monoxide leaks. On a particularly cold day, a sudden malfunctioning of your heating system might also qualify for an emergency. Practice routine heating system maintenance to avoid these, but if a fire or a gas leak does happen, get yourself and your loved ones to safety, and then immediately call for help.

Getting to safety:

Fire safety drills don’t just apply to the workplace. Practice a fire escape plan at home to ensure that you and your loved ones know exactly how to exit the building, what to carry (if anything), and where to meet, in the event of a heating system fire. If you sense a gas leak, immediately stop using all electronic devices, lighters or matches, and move to a safe spot.

Getting help:

Once you’ve identified an emergency and relocated yourself and everyone in the house to a safe place, call for help. Call 911 in case of a fire, and your gas provider in case of a gas leak.

Here at Petrocelli Services, we are fully equipped to assist you with heating system or gas line repairs, and conduct preventive maintenance on your system. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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