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Don’t Postpone Getting a Professional HVAC Repair

You may or may not have heard the expression “A stitch in time saves nine”. If you haven’t then to summarize, it simply means that if you don’t immediately stitch a small hole when it appears in a garment, chances are that the hole will get much bigger and require a serious repair later on. The same applies to repairing your air conditioning unit.

At the first sign of a problem, you have three options. Firstly ignore it in the hope it will go away. It never does, but there’s always hope. The second option is to try and fix the fault yourself. This usually results in the problem getting worse rather than better, but at least you tried. The final option, and the most sensible, is to call out an engineer to get a prompt professional HVAC repair.

The trouble is, there is always that sense of wondering if it is worth the call out charge to make a minor repair to your air conditioning unit, and it is understandable. However there will always be a call out charge, so why wait for the problem to reach the point where the call out is ‘justified’ when the additional cost for spare parts will be five times what it might have been had you got the problem dealt with far, far earlier?

There are other reasons why even minor faults are worth having professionally repaired as soon as they appear. If your air conditioning unit is not running properly, that then means you aren’t getting the full benefit from the unit, and it is probably not running efficiently, so your running costs are already mounting. Additionally, any electrical item that is not running correctly can increase the risk of creating a fire. Whether it is a blocked pipe causing water to drip over electric cables, to overheating of coils, is it really worth the risk? The answer has to be no.

Whatever the problem, get in touch with us straight away at (512) 836-1414 and we’ll get it fixed for you in next to no time, and probably for far less than you might have expected.

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