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Looking After Your Air Conditioner

In the same way you carry out basic maintenance on your car or truck, such as checking the oil level, topping up water reservoirs and generally keeping it clean, inside and out, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same with your air conditioning unit. Regular upkeep will not only help to ensure your unit runs smoothly and efficiently, but it will also maximize its lifespan to somewhere between eight and twelve years. Always remember to kill the power before you carry out any maintenance tasks on you’re A/C unit!

So what are the maintenance tasks you should perform?

As air conditioning involves airflow, buildup of dust is a prime culprit for creating problems. Make sure you change the air filter regularly, keep the fan blades clean, and keep the outdoors area around your condenser clear. We also recommend air conditioning maintenance checkups twice a year by a qualified technician. If you don’t already use us here at Petrocelli Services for your regular air conditioning maintenance, make sure you give us a call to give you a quote.

Make sure you also regularly check your air conditioning ducts. Leaks and blockages can greatly affect the performance of you’re A/C unit and can put excessive strain on it, not only increasing running costs, but also decreasing the unit’s lifespan.

In the hot summer months, minimize any additional sources of heat in your home. Not only will this help  your air conditioning unit to run efficiently and effectively, but also you will save on energy costs. Make sure your hi-fi, TV, PC or laptop, and any other electrical items are switched off when not in use – ‘standby’ mode does not have the same effect. Switch lights off when not in use and replace standard bulbs with LED bulbs – this reduces energy consumption and reduces the need for your A/C unit to work overtime. . Just think how hot a 100w lightbulb gets, and then consider that your air conditioner has to eliminate all that heat, it doesn’t just disappear.

Next time you get in touch to book a service for your air conditioner, make sure you ask us to check over your home to see where we can help you reduce heat emissions too.

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