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You May Have An Air Handler, Even If You’ve Hever Heard Of One

If you’ve got an HVAC unit with a split air system in your home, chances are you’ve also got an air handler, even though you might not realize it. So, what exactly is an air handler? Well the answer is really in its name – it is an element of your HVAC which is responsible for handling the airflow.

For an air conditioning system to work, air needs to flow, and inside your unit there is an air handler which regulates airflow via the split system, ensuring the right volume of air, at the right temperature, is distributed throughout your home. In addition, the air handler can include additional heating elements to ensure that the system works at maximum efficiency and can regulate the temperature in your home more efficiently when there are sudden extra demands.

Air handlers also play an important role in maximizing the efficiency of your HVAC unit as well, thus helping to minimize utility bills while also extending the lifespan of your unit. The air handler contains the evaporator coil and fan, perhaps the two most important elements of your HVAC unit, and therefore these should be maintained with regular visits from a qualified HVAC technician.

Here at Petrocelli Services we cannot stress the importance of regular maintenance of all HVAC units as we are keen to ensure that where our customers are concerned, each and every unit runs seamlessly, trouble free, and at minimum cost. HVAC is almost one of life’s essentials, but we are also aware that a portion of the household budget needs to be allocated specifically for maintaining a comfortable living environment. Having a split system with an air handler can ensure that come summer or winter, the temperature of the inside of your home is always as you need it.

To find out more about air handlers, why not give us a call and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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