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Proper Room Sizing for Air Conditioner and Heater

There are many points you need to consider when purchasing an air conditioner and heater. One of these is the proper room size. The size of the room determines the size and the type of appliance you need to choose for full performance.

You will be needing math here, but don’t worry, it’s just a simple math. To determine your room, you have to get the area by multiplying the dimension of the room. If it’s just a simple square or rectangle, just get the length and width. domain list . The area of the room will determine the required cooling and heating capacity.

Generally, a 9 square meter room requires around 2.5KW for cooling and 3.2KW heating; 40 square meter room requires around 5.0KW to 6.0KW for cooling and 6.0KW to 7.1KW heating. The larger the room, the higher the heating and cooling capacity it requires.

This factor must be considered as choosing the wrong size of the air conditioner and heater will give you an unsatisfied result. Instead of having a comfortable summer and winter, you will be devastated as it cannot meet the requirements of the room. So make sure you check the room size first before buying the appliance.

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