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Tips on How to Maintain Air Conditioning and Heating System

Maintaining your air conditioning and heating system is one of the best ways to keep their performance on the high level. If you are sure that you have purchased the right size, type and brand then you must extend the comfort it provides by checking and providing its needs frequently. Here are the things you to keep in mind in dealing with your cooler and heater.

  • Use according to the instruction provided upon purchasing. Upon opening, set it to fan first for a few minutes before turning to the desired temperature. The Same thing must be done before shutting down.
  • Since it takes the air from the room, dust is also taken and being stored on its filter and the unit. You can grab a duster and clean it.
  • Hiring a qualified maintenance person is advisable. If possible, hire from the company where you purchase your air conditioner and heater since they are trained to deal with their products. You will be guaranteed that you are in the right hand.

Those are the three main things you need to consider to keep your unit working for a long time. All of these will help you save both time and money and it will eliminate giving you trouble especially on summer and winter.

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