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4 Effective Ways to Prevent Allergies in Your Home

Pollen is the bane of many people’s ability to enjoy life when spring and summer arrive. For many of you, the sanctuary of a pollen-free environment is essential, and that, most often, is your home. As a consequence, the indoor air quality (IAQ) inside your home becomes of paramount importance and at Petrocelli Services, we’re here to help you.

  1. Consider upgrading your air filter. The move from winter into spring is always a good time to replace an old or tired filter, while you might also want to consider installing a thicker filter, which, subsequently, will trap more pollutants, including pollen. Filters have a MERV rating, and the higher the rating, the more pollutants they will trap, giving you much cleaner air in your home.
  2. Seal and clean your existing HVAC ducting. For your HVAC unit to work effectively throughout your home, your dusting also needs to be in perfect working order. If your ducts are full of dirt and dust, no matter how good the air filter on your HVAC unit, you will not get the air in your home clean enough if you suffer from allergies. When you get your HVAC engineer out to perform regular maintenance on your unit, make sure they clean the fan’s fins, particularly if the unit is an outdoors one, otherwise you will only spread dirt and dust round your home.
  3. Consider investing in air quality products. If your allergy or allergies are severe, then you may do well to consider additional products to help improve the air quality of your home. Fans in the attic and basement can help to eliminate the growth of mold, while a UV lamp can help to destroy harmful bacteria. You could also consider investing in an air purifier.

There are several ways we can help you look forward to the arrival of spring and summer, not dread it, so make sure you give us a call at (512) 836-1414 and we’ll be glad to come out and advise you, and we won’t charge for the visit.

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