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Check Regularly For Reduced Airflow From Your Air Conditioning Unit

One of the problems with reduced airflow from your air conditioning unit is that it can happen over a period of time, to the point where on a daily basis you don’t notice any change, and then one day you suddenly realize that your home is not as cool as you expected it to be. A quick and simple idea is to use a thumbtack and a streamer, then pin the streamer to a board. Hold it at 90 degrees to the air con unit and mark the angle the streamer flies at. Once a month just check to see that the streamer is at the same angle.

Now, if you do notice the airflow has dropped, this is one of those occasions where we don’t recommend self-diagnosis. That is because there could be any number of reasons why the air output has dropped. The two main ones will relate to something blocking the ducts, or something affecting the propulsion unit. Invariably it takes a trained technician to identify exactly what the cause of the problem is.

Another way to spot if your air conditioning unit isn’t running properly can be a spike in your fuel bill – as most air conditioning units are thermostatically sensitive, if the temperature begins to rise, the unit will work harder. Thus, if the unit is not working efficiently, it will use more and more energy just to keep the temperature in your home at the usual level.

A drop in airflow or a spike in your energy bill means you should call us immediately here at Petrocelli Services. We’ll be out in no time at all and we’ll be able to explain to you exactly what is wrong with your unit and, of equal importance, we will be able to offer you an affordable solution.

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