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4 Routes To Eco-Friendly HVAC

Enjoying your creature comforts doesn’t necessarily have to come at the cost of damaging the environment. A few smart choices can make your HVAC system more sustainable, and help you cut down on operational costs as well. For homeowners in the market for a new sustainable air conditioning or hot water system, here’s what the Petrocelli Services team recommends:

  1. Tap into solar energy.
    • A solar water heater can take care of up to 80% of your hot water requirements, while presenting little to no operational costs. Plus, it’s about as “green” as water heating can get.
  2. Go back to the earth.
    • Geothermal energy has great air conditioning potential, on account of presenting you with both options – heating and cooling. Ground source heat pumps can channel this energy all year round, cooling and heating your building via heat exchange with the earth. This is a clean, sustainable, no-electricity solution to air conditioning.
  3. Let your floors do the heating.
    • An age-old space heating solution, radiant floor heaters work on the principle of heat exchange between your flooring and a hot water tubing network that runs under your floors. Heat then radiates upwards from the floor, slowly but steadily warming the rest of the space.
  4. Get a hybrid heat pump.

If a complete HVAC overhaul isn’t your preferred option, you could go for a hybrid heat pump instead. This couples a regular electric heat pump with a gas furnace, alternating between the two modes to optimize functionality and energy efficiency.

Which of these eco-friendly heating and cooling methods will you be adopting? Here at Petrocelli Services we can assist you with your decision, and with professional HVAC installation, maintenance and repair. Contact us today.

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