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Easy Electrical Upgrades That’ll Help You Cut Costs

Being a homeowner puts you in a great position to tweak things around the house in a way that’ll cut your monthly costs. Petrocelli Services recommends the following simple electrical upgrades to trim down your electricity consumption and save some money in the long run:

Live in a vintage home? Change your wiring.

An old house may be unmatched in its charm and character, but it also happens to be in a league of its own in terms of electricity consumption. Wiring older than 30 years is highly inefficient by modern standards, running up huge electricity bills every month, and even posing fire hazards. Get your entire wiring professionally inspected, and replaced if necessary.

Get a smarter thermostat.

Your existing thermostat may be functioning just fine, but there’s a lot that a new, smart thermostat brings to the table. It can adapt itself to your home occupancy and usage patterns, and automatically adjust your AC’s temperature settings to minimize energy wastage. Sure, you stand to pay an extra buck to begin with, but the energy savings will begin to manifest themselves in just a few months’ time.

Switch to a high-efficiency hot water system.

High-efficiency water heaters do away with the conventional hot water storage tank, and provide you with on-demand, near-instant hot water by means of a series of heating coils. As such, you don’t waste electricity (and time) waiting for the entire stored water to heat up.

Have questions or need further advice? Call us here at Petrocelli Services with your queries, or book a home inspection and let us recommend the best electrical upgrades for your set-up.

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