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4 Things You Should Know Before Installing A Window AC Unit

Air conditioning – once you’ve used it you’ll never want to be without it, and one of the easiest systems to install is a window air conditioning unit. Of course, there are one or two things you should take into account before you go ahead and either fit a unit yourself, or have one professionally fitted.

First – the size of the unit matters, but not in a way you would think. Size isn’t everything and it is far better to have a unit that is lower powered which runs consistently, than a commercial-sized unit that blasts out ice-cold air every twenty minutes. Aside from a smaller unit being much cheaper to buy, you will have a more-efficient and therefore cheaper-to-run air conditioning system.

Make sure that you are able to securely fit your new window air conditioning unit, especially if you live in an apartment – you have a responsibility to the safety of people who pass below you. It is also worth mentioning that materials appropriate for exposure to weather, and the strength to support the unit over time are a definite must. Of course, you could take the easier route and ask us to come over and fit the unit for you. You don’t have to have bought it from us, though of course we would love it if you did as we can be very competitive on prices.

Ensure that you are able to keep the unit level. Despite what you may think, the units are designed to operate best and drain best when level, so don’t be tempted to tilt it when you fit it to assist with any drainage, you will cause no end of problems!

Once the unit has been fitted, you need to be able to seal all the way round it to stop any bugs and external air entering your home. With a sealed space around the unit, it will operate at maximum efficiency and ensure your home is as cool as you need to be.

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