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Air Conditioning Millennial Homes: What’s New?

Air conditioning is a core component of the average modern home. HVAC technology keeps evolving to ensure top-notch heating and cooling, regardless of the weather. Here’s a brief overview of the latest in air conditioning technology, brought to you by our team here at Petrocelli Services.

Mini-Split ACs:

A quick, pocket-friendly and focused air conditioning solution, mini-split air conditioners can effectively cool one or more parts of your home, without the hassle of ductwork. Mini-split AC installations require minimal time, and leave your windows free, unlike window ACs that can block views and natural light. Today, mini-split ACs can support multiple indoor units with independent temperature settings, channeling coolant to them via pipes originating from the outdoor (compressor) unit.

Two-Stage Compressor ACs:

An AC’s compressor is its power house, where all the cooling happens. Two-stage compressors are an excellent means of attaining energy-efficient air conditioning, and of prolonging the lifespan of your AC. These modern compressors can alternate between two modes of operation: one optimized for quick, high-performance cooling, and a second, low-power mode for situations where just a basic amount of cooling will suffice. The latter also comes with the added perk of low-noise operation.

Future-Friendly Refrigerants:

ACs are part and parcel of the millennial lifestyle, but given our numbers, the amount of refrigerant being used across the globe is a major environmental hazard. Freon (R-22) is already being phased out for this reason, and researchers are busy developing new, sustainable refrigerants that don’t threaten the ozone layer. Work is currently underway to eliminate the need for liquid refrigerants altogether, and to use solid membranes instead. This can make ACs more compact and energy-efficient, by doing away with a bunch of moving parts.

Looking for a new air conditioner or HVAC system that fits your requirements? Call us here at Petrocelli Services to have our experts evaluate your cooling requirements and assist you with HVAC system installation. We also offer a wide range of HVAC repair and maintenance services.

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