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AC Refusing To Start? Here’s What You Can Do

When summer is all settled in, an unresponsive AC is nothing short of an emergency. The good news is, there are quite a few things you can do instead of panicking! Our experts here at Petrocelli Services recommend taking the following steps before seeking professional AC repair:

Ensure that your thermostat is working fine:

Often, the problem isn’t with your air condition system, but with the thermostat that controls its temperature settings. In fact, a broken thermostat is the first thing we check for when called in for HVAC repair. Sometimes, the problem is nothing but an incorrect temperature setting. Ensure that the temperature your thermostat is set to is at least 5 degrees lower than the current room temperature.

Check to see if your AC is powered on:

This may seem simplistic, but it’s possible that your AC isn’t actually receiving any power. Check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse, both of which can be caused by voltage fluctuations or sudden power surges. Some ACs will have their own fuses; check those too. Lastly, some homes have dedicated switches for their indoor air handlers. These can be mistaken for regular light switches. In all the above cases, your air conditioner is totally fine, and all you need is a minor electrical repair.

Other measures:

If the above inspections don’t lead to anything, you can check for clogged drainage lines. Sometimes, ACs have safety switches that get turned off when their drainage lines are clogged with algae or dirt. Don’t turn the switch on before unclogging the line, though.

Still no luck? At Petrocelli Services, we can always assist you with on-call air conditioner repair. Our technicians will inspect your AC and promptly fix the problem. Just give us a call.

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