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Gift Some Air Conditioned Comfort This Mother’s Day!

Looking for a special Mother’s Day gift for your mom? One that’s thoughtful, personal, and different? Well, summer’s right here, so how about making sure she remains comfortable over the next few months? The Petrocelli Services team recommends the gift of cool air; here’s how you can make it your Mother’s Day surprise:

Fix her air conditioner:

Pay your mom a visit and check whether her AC is working well. You can change the old air filters, check whether the AC’s timer is functioning, and – if you’re comfortable with it – locate and seal a few air leakage points around the house. Personal and considerate, this gift is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face, and to yours, when you see her enjoying the air-conditioned comfort you just gifted her!

Schedule an HVAC maintenance:

Every air conditioning system should go through an annual maintenance cycle, preferably before summer sets in. Given the usual spring to-do list, your mom might have missed her HVAC spring maintenance routine this year. Call an AC maintenance company to have an expert inspect her air conditioning and get it shipshape for the summer. Gives you a chance to make up for not being able to visit her, or to spend some quality time with her while the professionals do the legwork!

Here at Petrocelli Services, we perform the full range of HVAC services, from new air conditioner installation to routine maintenance and emergency repair. To book your Mother’s Day gift of cool air, all you need to do is give us a call!

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