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The Homeowner’s Guide To Home Humidity

“Humidity” is a term that we’re all familiar with, and yet, it’s often difficult to understand how it affects our comfort levels. How can changing humidity levels make our homes feel warmer or cooler, without actually affecting the temperature? Why do some homeowners have to invest in dehumidifiers?

Humidity and the human body:

High humidity implies that the air around you has high levels of moisture in it. This slows the rate of evaporation of sweat from your skin, making you feel warmer than usual. In extreme cases, high humidity can cause fatigue, muscle cramps, and heat related conditions such as fainting and heat-strokes. Low humidity comes with its own side-effects, including dry skin, itchy eyes, irritated sinuses and dry respiratory tracts.

Humidity and your home:

Humidity has a direct impact on your home’s environment. High humidity levels in summer can cause you to wake up sweating, and feel hotter than usual all day. In winter, high home humidity levels can cause moisture to build up on your windows, potentially leading to moisture-related issues such as fogginess and mold. Ideally, you want your home’s humidity to vary between 30% and 55%. Any higher than this, and it can cause mold, allergies, condensation staining, clamminess, musty odors, peeling wallpapers, and warped floors.

Home humidity level correction:

Modern, good quality air conditioners can be very effective in lowering your home’s humidity levels. And the better the condition of the AC, the better it’ll dehumidify your home, which is why it is important to regularly engage an HVAC maintenance service to clean, repair and tune-up your air conditioning system. In particularly humid areas, homeowners are advised to supplement their air conditioning with dedicated dehumidifiers.

Avoid high humidity levels and energy costs by getting your air conditioning system serviced. At Petrocelli Services, we can assist you with professional HVAC inspection and maintenance. Call us with your requirements or queries.

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