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Your Air Ducts Need Your Attention – Here’s Why

Even the best HVAC systems can’t deliver what they promise without properly functioning air ducts. Here at Petrocelli Services, we strongly recommend including air duct cleaning and inspection in your air conditioning maintenance routine:

Well-maintained air ducts save you money.

The condition of your ducting decides how effectively cooled or heated air is transported to the various parts of your home. It also decides how much money you’re shelling out every year towards paying your energy bills. Leaking air ducts will raise your energy consumption, which will amount to greater operating costs. As such, we strongly recommend that you have your ducting checked out by qualified HVAC technicians every year.

Good ducting keeps your HVAC system healthy.

Leaky air ducts can severely strain your HVAC system over time. This is because the system will overwork itself trying to compensate for the air loss, which in turn can reduce its lifespan. Schedule regular professional air duct inspections to zero in on any breakage, damage or leakage in your ducting, and avoid unwanted HVAC repair and replacement costs.

Clean, sealed air ducts lead to clean air.

Your HVAC system doesn’t just heat or cool your home; it also filters the air entering it to remove dust, allergens and pollutants. In the interest of maintaining the circulation of clean, filtered air throughout your home, it is important that your air ducts don’t leak.

Here at Petrocelli Services, we offer the full range of HVAC maintenance services, including professional air duct inspection, cleaning and repair. To schedule a home visit or receive a free estimate, just give us a call.

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