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How To Find A Reliable AC Maintenance And Repair service

A malfunctioning air conditioner is annoying enough, without the subsequent hunt for a reliable AC service that can correctly diagnose and fix the problem. Even for routine AC maintenance, finding a professional technician who does a good job at a reasonable price can be a tall order. Well, read on for some helpful tips on finding a trustworthy AC maintenance and repair service. At Petrocelli Services, we set great store by honesty, which is why we encourage you to apply the following parameters to us as well!

  1. Search for AC repair and maintenance services in your area.
  2. Shortlist services that appear on the first page AND have good reviews to their credit.
  3. Search your shortlisted companies on the Better Business Bureau website to find out if their customers have had any unaddressed complaints in the recent past. For added measure, you can cross-check their reputation on sites such as Yelp, though BBB will give you a more realistic picture. Narrow your selection down to 2-3 companies.
  4. Call the above companies, present your requirements, and ask for a cost estimate. Remember, honest AC repair companies won’t hesitate to discuss prices over the phone.
  5. During your phone call, find out how long each company has been in business. You ideally want one that has been around for 5 years or more.
  6. When a technician from your chosen company arrives at your address, check that they have all the tools, equipment and parts needed to fix or service your AC. If they don’t, or if they try to talk you into buying a new unit without providing any satisfactory reasons, send them away and proceed to the next company on your list.

To discuss your AC repair or maintenance requirements, give us a call. We’ll be happy to draw up an estimate or schedule a visit free of charge.

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