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Should You Replace Your Window AC Units With Centralized Air Conditioning?

With more and more homeowners opting for centralized AC systems over traditional ACs, it is only natural for you to consider following suit. Centralized ACs do ask for a higher initial investment on your part, but also promise a number of benefits. Chief among these are effective air circulation and improved indoor air quality. To help you understand these benefits in more detail, we have put together seven good reasons why you should replace your window ACs with a centralized AC system.

  1. One AC for the entire house: Unlike window ACs that only cool one room, a centralized AC system will take care of the air conditioning needs of your entire house.
  2. Cleaner air: Dust, pollen, lint, allergens, etc., are filtered at source, i.e. right where fresh air enters your home through the centralized unit.
  3. Unmatched air quality: A centralized AC system doesn’t stop at removing dust and allergens; it also blocks out microscopic pollutants.
  4. Silent operation: Centralized ACs are designed for low-noise operation, with their moving parts (compressor, fan and condenser) placed outside the house and away from your windows.
  5. Modern, minimal and unobtrusive: A centralized AC system frees up precious window space, restoring views and natural light, and blending in seamlessly with clean modern interiors.
  6. User-friendly operation: Centralized ACs are very easy to operate, allowing you to program room temperatures and cooling times for all parts of your house from a single console.
  7. An all-weather solution: Centralized ACs have reverse cycle functionality, which means they can not only cool your home during summer months, but also keep it warm in winter.

Interested in finding out how much a centralized AC system will cost you upfront? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you with an estimate that may just surprise you, in a good way!

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