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No More Dust! 4 Tips For Clean, Breathable Air In Your Home

Does your house refuse to stay dust-free? Tired of cleaning for hours, only to end up in the same situation a few days later? A dusty home usually has points of ingress that can be sealed or secured to minimize dust. Our team here at Petrocelli Services recommends the following home dust-proofing measures:

  1. Seal gaps in your attic and walls:
    • Gaps can range in scale from those around the entry points of your wires, conduits and lighting fixtures, to bigger siding gaps around doors, windows and plumbing. Inspect your attic space and all external walls, and seal any gaps you find.
  2. Clean and repair your air ducts:
    • If your home has central air conditioning, damaged air ducts could be causing dust to accumulate in certain rooms. Leaking, rusted or broken ducts can capture small particles such as dust and even bits of fiberglass insulation, and deliver these to various parts of your home. Inspect the ductwork or engage a professional HVAC maintenance company to do it for you.
  3. Change your air filters:
    • A topic that keeps coming up in discussions about air conditioning system maintenance, changing dirty air filters is central to breathing clean, dust-free air. Change your air filters as part of your spring cleaning routine, or anytime you find your home dustier than usual.
  4. Get your indoor air quality checked:
    • This is important because it’ll guide you towards the measures you can take to cut dust levels at source. Some locations can have a greater degree of dust in the air, in which case an HVAC system upgrade or an air filtration system might be a good idea.

Contact us here at Petrocelli Services for professional duct cleaning, indoor air quality check-ups, new HVAC system installations, and other air conditioning maintenance and repair tasks.

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