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Looking for more information? Our blog provides a wealth of information about the following topics:

  • HVAC maintenance
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  • Best practices to get your system running
  • Tips to keep your utility bill low

How much of an impact can you have on HVAC service in your home or office? Truth be told, quite a bit. But besides knowing when your heating and air conditioning is out of whack, it’s not a bad idea to understand a bit about how your HVAC system works.

Our Blog

What better way to do this than by checking out the Petrocelli Services blog! Whether you’re on our website because you need a tech or because you’re interested in HVAC system upgrades, you’re only a click away from getting some pretty useful info about residential and commercial heating and cooling.

We have archives going back over five years, with posts covering all manner of topics including air quality, energy efficiency, HVAC service, portable air conditioning, and ventilation. It’s part of our mission to keep our customers as informed as possible.

Petrocelli Services has dedicated itself to providing quality HVAC service to commercial and residential customers since 1990. This includes educating our customers about what we do and how they can play an active role in the process. So, check out our blog and learn a thing or two. Remember — the health and well-being of your HVAC system starts with you, and Petrocelli Services wants to help a little along the way.

All You Need is a UV Filter for Your Air Conditioner

There are a lot of new developments that help increase indoor air quality and enhance safety. By using the new advancements, we can get purified air and regulated temperatures and humidity. UV air filtration is…

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Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Comfortable in Spring

The transitory time between winter and summer is the time to ensure the means to keep your home comfortable. Both spring and summer are taken care of. There is a lot of cleaning done starting…

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Seasonal Allergies and Cleaning for Your AC

There always comes a time when seasonal allergies are following you but don't worry you can always eliminate them and clean your indoor AC quality. You can always take control of the seasonal allergies by…

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Hiring a Service Provider for Air Conditioner and Heater Maintenance

If you are not a technical person and do not know much about cleaning an air condition and heater, then you must know how to find the right maintenance service provider. Here are the key…

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Tips on How to Maintain Air Conditioning and Heating System

Maintaining your air conditioning and heating system is one of the best ways to keep their performance on the high level. If you are sure that you have purchased the right size, type and brand…

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Maintaining Air Conditioner and Heater

Everything you buy for your home requires maintenance to keep it working for a long time. This will save both time and money as buying a new one will cost you twice as the maintenance…

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Popular Brands of Air Conditioner and Heater

There are many air conditioner and heater brands in the market. They offer a wide range of services and products. Some have unique designs but most are almost the same. To give you an idea,…

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Types of Air Conditioners and Heaters

After checking the size and the brand of possible air conditioner and heater, you should also be aware of the types that are available in the market. They vary according to the size of the…

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Things to Know Before Purchasing Air Conditioner and Heater

Have you already decided on the type, size and brand of the air conditioner and heater to buy? If yes, then here are the things you need to consider before finally buying them. The brand.…

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Proper Room Sizing for Air Conditioner and Heater

There are many points you need to consider when purchasing an air conditioner and heater. One of these is the proper room size. The size of the room determines the size and the type of…

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