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Looking for more information? Our blog provides a wealth of information about the following topics:

  • HVAC maintenance
  • HVAC products
  • Best practices to get your system running
  • Tips to keep your utility bill low

How much of an impact can you have on HVAC service in your home or office? Truth be told, quite a bit. But besides knowing when your heating and air conditioning is out of whack, it’s not a bad idea to understand a bit about how your HVAC system works.

Our Blog

What better way to do this than by checking out the Petrocelli Services blog! Whether you’re on our website because you need a tech or because you’re interested in HVAC system upgrades, you’re only a click away from getting some pretty useful info about residential and commercial heating and cooling.

We have archives going back over five years, with posts covering all manner of topics including air quality, energy efficiency, HVAC service, portable air conditioning, and ventilation. It’s part of our mission to keep our customers as informed as possible.

Petrocelli Services has dedicated itself to providing quality HVAC service to commercial and residential customers since 1990. This includes educating our customers about what we do and how they can play an active role in the process. So, check out our blog and learn a thing or two. Remember — the health and well-being of your HVAC system starts with you, and Petrocelli Services wants to help a little along the way.

Keep Forgetting To Change Those Air Filters? This One’s For You!

Probably the simplest of all HVAC maintenance tasks, replacing your air filters asks for little to no effort, and yet it’s something that we tend to forget all too often. The result: poor heating and…

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How To Troubleshoot Your Furnace Like A Pro

Furnace troubles are highly unwelcome in the middle of winter, but waiting for an HVAC technician isn’t your only option. You can check, diagnose, and even solve a few problems yourself, before going in for…

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9 Problems Your AC Could Present You With This Summer

The run-up to summer is always a busy time, and the last thing you want on your hands is a faulty air conditioner. Don’t sweat it though, but excuse the pun. Our list of 9…

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The DIY Air Conditioner Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring cleaning, the most elaborate of household chores, is incomplete without a thorough cleaning of your air conditioner. Cleaning your AC prepares it for its summer run, and helps it work at maximum efficiency. Dirt…

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Common Air Conditioner Problems You Should Know About

Home alone with a malfunctioning air conditioner? A handful of air conditioner problems are relatively easy to diagnose, while others need a professional examination. Petrocelli Services brings you a list of common AC issues that…

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What Are The Health Benefits (And Risks) Of Air Conditioners?

Air conditioning health risks are a common subject of debate. However, not all health hazards associated with ACs are real, and most of them are easily preventable. Most commonly aired complaints (excuse the pun) revolve…

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Why Does Commercial Air Conditioning Need Regular Maintenance?

It isn’t a good idea to skip on routine air conditioner maintenance, particularly if yours is a commercial air conditioning system. You wouldn’t want sub-par or defunct air conditioning to come in the way of…

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Why Do AC Prices Rise Every Year?

If you’ve ever set money aside for a new air conditioning system, only to discover that it now costs more than it did last year, you’re not alone. It’s only natural to wonder why that…

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Why You Should Switch To A High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

There’s a lot of talk about high efficiency gas furnaces on home improvement portals, and for good reason. If your home has a gas furnace installed, the mercury in your location probably dips by a…

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How To Find A Reliable AC Maintenance And Repair service

A malfunctioning air conditioner is annoying enough, without the subsequent hunt for a reliable AC service that can correctly diagnose and fix the problem. Even for routine AC maintenance, finding a professional technician who does…

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