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Keep Forgetting To Change Those Air Filters? This One’s For You!

Probably the simplest of all HVAC maintenance tasks, replacing your air filters asks for little to no effort, and yet it’s something that we tend to forget all too often. The result: poor heating and cooling, increased energy consumption, and eventually higher operating and repair costs. Here at Petrocelli Services we have come up with some pro tips for you today that’ll help you remember to change your air filters on time and avoid full-blown (and expensive) HVAC repair.

  • Put a reminder on the fridge door: Because it helps you breathe clean air, enjoy air conditioned comfort, and save on HVAC repair costs, changing your air filters is quite an important household task. Treat it like your other chores and make it a part of your to-do list. Put a note up on your fridge door with your other reminders.
  • Remind yourself digitally: You’re probably carrying a very efficient personal assistant right in your pocket. Set up calendar entries on your smartphone for air filter changes, and let the machine do all the remembering for you. Some apps will even allow you to create a dedicated set of HVAC routine maintenance reminders.
  • Rely on a friend: The old-fashioned route – asking a friend or a loved one to remind you to change your air filters – still works! Especially if they live in the same house as you.
  • Never lose sight of your spare filters: Storing your spare filters in a very ‘visible’ location – one that you’re likely to come across almost every day – is a smart way to keep yourself from forgetting about them.

For any queries about air conditioning performance, or to book Petrocelli Services for your next round of HVAC maintenance, give us a call.

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